When Painkillers Become Dangerous: What Everyone Needs to Know About OxyContin and Other Prescription Drugs by by Pinsky, D., Seppala, M.D., Meyers, R.J., Gardin, J, White, W.L., & Brown, S.

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Book Description
Americans, it seems, have a history of self-medicating for pain. The high profile and increasingly widespread cases of prescription pain medication abuse that we're seeing today serve as the latest chapter in America's long-standing love/hate relationship with painkilling drugs. In this fascinating, informative, and timely book, Dr. Drew Pinsky and other leading experts in the fields of addiction and recovery discuss why Americans are using drugs such as OxyContin and Vicodin, how American's used and abused other painkillers in the past, what makes some people vulnerable to addiction, and how to get help for yourself or a family member in trouble with drugs.

"Though OxyContin provides effective, long-acting relief from pain, it has its dark side, Rush Limbaugh’s addiction being only one of the examples of it. OxyContin is an opioid and thus addictive, and if used in conjunction with alcohol or other drugs, it can be deadly. Pinsky, an expert in chemical dependency and co-host of MTV’s Loveline, offers a sober and plainly written introduction to OxyContin and other new painkillers, including how they work and how they are abused. In a brief but comprehensive overview, Pinsky, along with several other experts, explains how painkillers mimic our own endorphins, how addiction affects the brain and how it can be treated (simple abstinence is not enough). He also offers advice to those who think a friend or family member might be addicted and describes the role of family in addiction and treatment. With its clear writing, short, easily absorbed sections and the expertise of its contributors, this is a highly useful and supportive guide." --Publishers Weekly