A Community Reinforcement Approach to Addiction Treatment by Robert J. Meyers, William R. Miller, Griffith Edwards

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"...not only scientifically sound and well written, but in some parts even exciting in such a way that you do not want to stop reading it." Addiction "...compelling...I recommend this book both for addiction specialists who want to review the most effective treatments for their client groups, but also for the reader who is interested in seeing the evolution of a psychological treatment through various stages and refinements as this has much more general applicability." International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry "This is a clear, concise, reflective and most interesting book...essential..." European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry "Drs Meyers and Miller have assembled a comprehensive, highly informative book that is invaluable to individuals looking to be introduced to the history of this approach and learn therapeutic techniques invovled." --Psychological Medicine